Cancer & Me


Prayers for my leukemia. Apparently I was diagnosed with a cancer that is more prevalent in children 12 and under. Well for me cancer is cancer and ANY prayers I can get, I will appreciate. I quit smoking thru all this too. But I also have severe anemia as well. The doctors say the anemia has nothing to do with the cancer, BUT I got to wonder. The third part of this "Perfect Storm" (reference to the movie Perfect Storm with George Clooney) is my blood glucose. And because I take steroids going thru chemo, my glucose levels have spiked at 400 during the first round of treatment. So I need prayers for both the diabetes, the anemia and the leukemia. I'll take prayers for any and all. Also if there is anyone who can help with transportation to and from Hershey clinic on "infusion" days, please e-mail me at: OR call me at 717-254-3822 or TEXT me at the same phone number, listed. I will get back to you. Please let me know who you are though when you leave messages/texts.

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