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Fulfilling Scripture Leads to God being Glorified…


by Pastor Ryan


The one thing that I am not short on right now is scripture verses to look up and read. Many people are sending me wonderful passages of encouragement, refreshment, courage and hope. This morning I read Galatians 6:2 and my face lit up....

Carry each others burden's, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

I see this happening in small ways every day and seek to live it out to the best of my ability in friendship, leadership and ministry. It really is one of the primary foundation stones that New Life Community is built on. We are a church that has a vision to live out the love, acceptance, healing and hope of Jesus in our day to day lives. The reality is that burdens are not a possibility. We will all face burdens, and most likely have already faced our fair share. Galatians 6:2 says that we will 'fulfill the law of Christ' by carrying one another's burdens. Jesus knew that the enemy, the devil was going to unleash cruel attacks against the people of God. He promised to be with us as believers through sending Holy Spirit, but also then commanded us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Christ's law of love requires us to carry one another's burdens. The benefits are priceless... hope, rest, peace, and joy.

I am in a place of deep confident hope and expectation, not just because I am super spiritual or special... I am in a place of deep confident hope and expectation because many of you are carrying this burden of cancer with us. Let us look to continue to fulfill the law of Jesus as we love one another through being burden carrying Christ-followers.

I love being your Pastor,


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